SQM Research have released their annual end of year prediction on property price trends for the next calendar year. They are always interesting but the obvious thing to note is that they only cover 12 months, while property is a long game.

Taking SQM ‘s middle scenario, Melbourne will still be the place to make a major city investment in 2018.

Strategic Buyers Agents is not in the predictions game, we are in the buying game.

Unlike the forecasters, we actually BUY for our clients who put down real money. Whatever the property market is doing, we aim to take best advantage of it for our clients. For those looking for capital growth, we calculate the trend of past appreciation; for those looking for cashflow we have our copyright Strategic QuickCalc, which we use to estimate their first year holding cost.

Clients wanting to buy in early 2018 need to get in touch now and discuss their plans and timelines, then meet with us this year to discuss getting into the market for them early 2018, when there are “property opportunities” left over from 2017.