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Mike McNamara is an experienced Buyers Agent, an Affiliate Member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and has been an investor in residential and commercial property since 2000.

who we are

Melbourne’s most professional real estate buying service, located in Camberwell, in the heart of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Headed by Mike McNamara, a Chartered Accountant by training, an MBA graduate, a government registered and experienced buyers agent, and a long-term investor in both residential and commercial property.

We lead the Strategic Alliance, a network of successful, professional and ethical buyers agents who are each experts in their patch: located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

what we deliver

For homebuyers, whether upsizing, relocating, or downsizing, we employ our SBA Methodology to review your plan, then identify, analyse, appraise, and finally buy for you the property you desire.

For investors, we review and refine your objectives using our SBA analytical tools, and once the Brief is set, diligently pursue the target investment to satisfy or exceed your goals.

why engage our services

Our clients come with many different requirements; for

Upsizers looking for larger family home, we use our experience to guide clients in the right objectives and Brief,

Relocators, for work, school or other reasons, we guide clients in suburbs and amenities that will optimize their move

Downsizers, seeking a more compact or easier maintenance property, we have the experience to know what makes a successful move

Investors , whether in an apartment, villa unit, house or commercial property, we have years of experience, skills, and knowledge to acquire an investment that will be based on the capital growth or cashflow objectives we agree in your Brief.

Whatever your objectives, we will save you time, money and stress, while reducing the risks involved in one of the largest purchases that people make.

Strategic Pronunciation: strəˈtiːdʒɪk

“Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.”

Our Strategy

We use our SBA Methodology to identify and acquire the property that you want or need. We apply a combination of time, sustained effort, market knowledge, property industry contacts, technical skills, buying experience, and the people skills to understand what will fulfil your property needs.

Our latest blog posts

How to be a good Property Negotiator

The smart property buyer recognises whether they are, or are not, a good negotiator. If not, get someone who is. At Strategic Buyers Agents we have three buying services that all include negotiation or auction bidding on the client’s behalf.

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Would you back yourself, at 1 : 120 ?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us that Melbournians hold their residential properties for, on average, 11.4 years. Being an average, investors would often sell their properties in a shorter time than this, while many of my Vendor Advocacy (selling) clients...

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How your home will power itself

Today I attended my REIV Buyers Agents Chapter meeting at Tesla Australia, in Richmond, and learn in detail how the new Powerwall 2, coupled with new Tesla glass roof tiles will power the homes of the future. The solar energy-collecting (tough) glass tiles will...

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10 Worst Property Turnoffs

REB website recently reported their Top 10 worst property turnoffs - things that stop buyers from purchasing or cause them to discount their offers. At Strategic we go one further and have a DO NOT BUY list, which lists defects/characteristics that will always cruel...

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2017: the year to buy an investment house?

We have reviewed “reasons to invest’ in Your Property Investment magazine and added our own opinions, from long-time investing, and buying properties for our investing clients - about half of all our buyers each year. This year houses are performing better than units...

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